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NSB Debit Card Information

Lost , Stolen, Compromised Debit Card

If you wish to report a lost, stolen, or compromised debit card, please contact Nebraska State Bank during normal business hours. After business hours, please call 1-800-472-3272. Be sure to check your account transaction history and notify the bank immediately of any transactions you did not conduct.

Declined Debit Card

Your debit card may be declined due to insufficient funds. If you have sufficient funds in your account and your debit card has been declined, our debit card provider may have reason to put a temporary hold on your debit card due to suspicious activity. This is a protective measure to prevent fraudulent charges from appearing on your account. Please contact a Nebraska State Bank representative to assist you at 308-872-2466.

International Purchases and Your Debit Card

Due to an increase in suspicious activity regarding foreign debit card transactions, Nebraska State Bank is taking extra precautions to protect you. Currently, all foreign debit card transactions are blocked. We can release this block but suggest you call a representative to assist you before you leave. If your debit card is declined, there may be a temporary hold on your card due to suspicious activity. Please call 308- 872-2466 and we can assist you.

How to Protect Yourself from Fraud

Nebraska State Bank advises all customers to be aware of suspicious emails which could be a potential phishing scam. Typically the scammer posing as a financial institution or representative claiming there are fraudulent transactions on your account and requests you call a phone number or visit a website. Do not click on any associated links from the email or respond with any sensitive information. Should you receive any emails of this nature, contact your Nebraska State Bank branch immediately.

Text Message Fraud Alerts

How it works

  • The text will come through with a sender ID of 32768. You can save this number in your phone so it is a recognized contact.
  • Respond YES to confirm the activity was yours.
  • Respond NO if the transaction was not yours, you will be instructed to call 1-877-253-8964 where you can talk with a customer service representative.  They will help you close this case.