About Us

Your partner since 1917

Our Mission

The Mission of Nebraska State Bank & Trust Company is to provide strategic growth for our customers, our communities and our employees by supporting economic success through sound financial principles. Since 1917, our integrity and passion have enabled us to offer innovative products, deliver superior service and make local decisions for our customers. We give back to our communities through involvement, leadership and donation support. Our commitment to remain independently owned secures our future as a financial leader.

Our Banking Heritage

Chartered on February 23, 1917, Nebraska State Bank & Trust Co has been an integral part of the financial history of Custer County and the surrounding area and will continue to be a critical link to it’s future financial stability.

We take pride in being an independently owned bank where financial decisions are made right here in our community. Our lending specialties include Agriculture, Commercial, Consumer, and Real Estate Products so that we meet all of your financial needs. The many years of banking experience within our management team is reflected in the moral fiber of our bank and its conservative philosophies of financial stability and trust.

Our successful heritage is the result of maintaining personal one-on-one relationships with our customers. We know the importance of offering high-tech services such as 24Hour Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, and VISA debit cards, but these only complement our primary service of personally assisting our customers.

Don't take our word for it, experience for yourself the wealth of personal attention you'll receive from the entire staff, including tellers, loan administrators and our operations department. Our past has been built upon strong customer relationships and helping them to fulfill their dreams and achieve their goals. We believe in the strength of our rural communities and strive to be an integral part of their future success.

Meet Our Team

Bank Officers

Stuart Fox

President & CEO

Kristy Bartak

Vice President & CFO

Travis Hansen

Vice President

John Smith

Senior Vice President

Craig Barta

Vice President

Barbara J. Hanson

Vice President

Ira Spanel

Vice President

Cheryl Royle

Assistant Vice President

Jacob Parsons

Ag & Commercial Loan Officer

Carol Ostendorf

Operations Officer

Kyle Stringham

IT, Facilities & Security Officer

Betsy Smith

Human Resources Officer

Board of Directors

Back Row - Brad Norden, Stuart Fox (Chairman), and Jeff Ryan

Front Row - Walter Wood (Secretary/Treasurer), Paul Parliament, Michael Ryan, and Frank Govier