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Volunteerism at NSB

It’s common knowledge that a bank’s business is to keep money, loan money and make sure its customers’ money stays safe.  But, besides dealing with money, what makes a bank stand out amongst other banks, what makes it exceptional?  If you’re talking about Nebraska State Bank & Trust, of Broken Bow, Nebraska (“NSB”), one of the answers would be its dedication to giving back to the community. 

NSB’s dedication to giving back can been seen in various ways: direct donations to area schools (such as sponsoring athletic endeavors to speaking to students about financial literacy), monetary donations to a host of local charities and events, or even providing low-interest loans for community projects.  Other ways of giving back are donating to causes such as the Custer Campus project, or providing scholarships through the Custer County Foundation.     

Besides the charitable actions of NSB, itself, the bank’s employees also volunteer in a wide variety of ways.  Each employee is granted two days to volunteer each year.  Their volunteerism could be anything from helping with the One Box Pheasant Hunt, to ringing bells for the Salvation Army at Christmas, to pitching-in at school booster events. 

In addition to those activities, a number of employees also sit on various community boards such as the CEDC, Broken Bow Industrial Company, Custer Campus, Optimists, the Hospital Board, Library Board, Chamber of Commerce and the Planning Commission, to name a few.

In a recent article published in The Custer County Chief, NSB President and CEO, Stuart Fox, stated, “Community involvement is highly encouraged and is a huge part of our company culture.  I’m proud to say that on any given day, one could probably find an NSB employee giving back.”    

So, what is an extra element makes a bank notable?  Dedication to giving back and enriching lives in so many ways helps NSB and its employees stand out as exceptional amongst others.