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Presentation of the gifts to the Custer County Sheriff’s office by a few employees of Nebraska State Bank

Law Enforcement Appreciation

Law Enforcement Appreciation:

Have you ever called 9-1-1?  Have you ever had someone vandalize your vehicle and you needed help in finding out the culprit?  Ever been to an event and had the traffic directed to prevent a traffic jam?  How about an accident along the road and you needed assistance?  In all these instances, the fine folks in our local law enforcement agencies were there to help in some way.  Without knowing it, the various branches of law enforcement help our daily lives run smoothly – all without fanfare or need for accolades.  So, in thanks for all they do, Nebraska State Bank created a Thank You package for each person in the following law enforcement agencies: 

Local State Patrol

Custer County Sheriff’s Department

City Police for the various towns within the county

Custer County Corrections Officers


Custer County Emergency Management

Each member of these agencies recently received a Thank You card signed personally by all NSB employees, cookies and a $20 gift card to Dairy Queen.  These were just a small token of our gratitude for all these individuals do for us.